I’ve never been to the North Pole, nor the South Pole, nor have I climbed K2. But ever since I was a young kid I’ve had this burning desire to get out there and explore, even if it’s in our own backyard. I’ve traveled this beautiful country of Canada from West to East, but felt like I’ve barely touched the surface. I’ve backpacked through East Africa, Peru, & Costa Rica, & realized just how immensely diverse this planet really is. Though we are seamlessly connected by the technology in our pockets and on our desks, there is so much grandeur out there that simply can not be discovered by a Google search.

I did the normal thing of going to university and studying Earth Sciences, but the academic life didn’t really float my boat. It was during those years I discovered the creative world of film, and since then it has evolved into my career choice; a tool that can bring a story to light and inspire compassion in the heart of the viewer.

I’ve been a freelance cinematographer, editor, and photographer since 2010 and have been fortunate enough to work with some truly inspiring individuals. I’ve worked on feature films right here in Northern Ontario and am a member of The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees under Local 667.

I want to share great stories, films, and great ideas; and hopefully, as a result, encourage the next generation to become involved in film, take action, and take part in many a grand adventure.

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For with the charts of all four oceans before him, Ahab was threading a maze of currents and eddies, with a view to the more certain accomplishment of that monomaniac thought of his soul.


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